Meet the Team

Gary Steinhardt

Contingent Leader (Left)
Gary has been a leader for 39 years and has attended many Australian Ventures. He has been the Contingent Leader for Victoria for the past 4 Australian Ventures. He has attended 11 of the 12 New Zealand Ventures held and has been the Australian Contingent Leader to New Zealand 3 times. Gary is the Assistant Branch Commissioner for Venturers - Venturer Events.

Phillip Britt

Deputy Contingent Leader (Right)
Phil has been a leader for 17 years and has attended the last 5 Australian Ventures. Phil was the Administration Manager for the Victorian Contingent to the 15th Australian Venture in 2012 and was the Deputy Contingent Leader for the Australian Contingent to New Zealand in 2013. Phil is the Assistant Region Commissioner Venturers - Gippsland Region and Venturer Leader at 1st Traralgon.

Callum Morrison

Assistant Contingent Leader
Callum has been in scouting for 13 years with in this time achieved his Queen Scout and has attended the 15th Australian Venture in Tasmania as a venturer, The 12th New Zealand Venture as a rover. He is also an active member in the Derrimut Rover crew.